What should I bring to my first appointment at Carson Physical Therapy?

  • Valid form of identification – i.e.: state I.D./driver’s license
  • Physical Therapy prescription from physician if you have one.
  • List of current medications
  • Insurance Card
  • Workman’s Comp information if that applies
  • General patient intake forms – these forms can be downloaded and printed from our website. Alternatively, our office staff will be glad to email them to you to be completed prior to your visit. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your visit to complete the intake process.
  • Please wear loose/comfortable fitting clothing to allow easy examination. Changing rooms are available at our office.

For additional questions please contact our office at: (501) 847-0500. Our office staff will be glad to assist you.

What can I expect on my first visit?

The first visit is considered the initial evaluation during which time your therapist will conduct a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to examine and assess your current functional status, discuss the clinical findings, and tailor a plan of care to meet your goals and needs. Treatment may be initiated immediately following initial evaluation per the therapist’s discretion. The initial evaluation typically lasts 45-60 minutes per your presenting condition.

How frequently do I have to come for physical therapy?

Average course of treatment ranges from 1-3 sessions/week for 4-6 weeks (8-18 sessions) per the discretion of the therapist, nature of presenting condition, clinical findings from the initial evaluation, & recommendation from your referring physician.

How long is each treatment session?

Typically treatment sessions may range from 30-60 minutes depending on the patient’s presenting condition, symptoms, that given day’s tolerance, as well as what phase within the plan of care the patient is in.

How much does each treatment session cost?

Cost will vary depending on the type and duration of each therapy session. Copays, coinsurance, and deductibles do apply. Should you not have insurance or choose not to use your insurance, our fee schedule is $25 for every 15 minutes of therapy.

When do I return to my doctor?

When you return to your doctor is in correlation to the recommended frequency/duration of your plan of care per the discretion of your therapist. However, as a general practice, we recommend following up with your physician after completing 4 weeks of therapy to enable him/her to re-evaluate you and obtain a clear understanding of how you’re progressing and via open communication with your therapist, provide additional feedback and recommendations to your plan of care to ensure optimal recovery.

Do you I require a prescription from a doctor to obtain physical therapy treatment?

No. That being said, your insurance may not pay without a referral.

Will I need to pay at time of service?

Co-payments (per each office visit) are due at time services are rendered. Co-payment amounts vary per your individual insurance coverage parameters. Co-insurance and deductible payments will be collected once we receive your insurance carrier’s EOB (Explanation of Benefits). Please refer to the Insurance/Billing section for further details.

Is your facility in network with my insurance carrier?

Carson Physical Therapy is in network with all of the major insurance providers in the area.

How do I schedule my physical therapy?

To get started, please call us at (501) 847-0500 to schedule a physical therapy evaluation.

What is the earliest I can schedule appointments? The latest? Can I come at lunch? When can I schedule for the next week?

Our day begins at 7am, Monday – Friday.
Our last appointment each day is at 5pm, Monday – Thursday. The last appointment on Friday is at 4pm.

We have a finite number of 4:30 and 5pm appointment slots, because of that we do ration them out. Once these spots are filled, they are gone. You are not guaranteed to get three 5pm appointments weekly. Scheduling for the next week begins Tuesday mornings at 7am.

My physician referred me to another physical therapy clinic. Can I still come to Carson Physical Therapy for physical therapy?

Sure! Physicians often recommend physical therapists based on relationships that they’ve built with those other providers. If you feel that Carson PT is a better match for your needs, you can bring your physician’s referral to us, and we will honor it. We will also be happy to speak with your physician about your choice, if needed.

Be Aware: Some physicians will you refer you to certain physical therapy clinics because they know that particular clinic or provider accepts your insurance. Come see us.

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