Dr. Keely Norman, PT, OCS, MTC

Dr. Keely Norman, PT, OCS, MTC

Director at Carson Physical Therapy Benton

Dr. Norman grew up in Elk Rapids, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan, graduating from there in 2007 with a degree in Movement Science. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Saint Augustine For Health Sciences at San Diego, completing her doctorate in physical therapy with an emphasis in manual therapy. She interned at Carson Physical Therapy during the Summer of 2010 and returned to work with us in February 2011.

In February 2012, Keely became certified in manual therapy.

In June 2014, Keely became certified as an orthopedic physical therapy specialist.

Dr. Norman was on the University of Michigan Gynmastics Team. She coached gymnastics for 8 years through high school and college.

She enjoys travel and being outdoors such as hiking. She is a big Michigan football fan. Go Blue!

Her physical therapy interests include manual therapy, return to sport activities, & treatment of knees and ankles. She is also has special interest in gymnastics, tumbling, and cheerleading injuries.

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